The space between

Many people say preparing for birth is like preparing for a big endurance event. Like running a marathon or climbing a mountain. Up until a few weeks ago, I thought this analogy made perfect sense. But as “race day” inches closer (it could be today!), I’m struggling to see similarities beyond the two obvious: that, like any endurance event, giving birth will be a mental and physical challenge.

As I sit here typing with swollen-sausage-fingers, I couldn’t feel further from a well-prepared athlete about to start the race of her lifetime. No. Instead, I feel like a giant puffer fish!

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Thoughts on pregnancy (at 32 weeks)

I’m 32 weeks pregnant. Right now, a baby girl is wriggling gently in my uterus. She should weigh around 1.8kg and measure around 45cm, according to the pregnancy app on my iPhone. But at our last ultrasound, she was tracking a week and a half ahead and measuring in the 90th percentile in terms of size.

“That’s a big baby,” said our obstetrician, as he measured the circumference of her head on the grainy black-and-white screen. We have another check-up tomorrow. I’m impatient to find out whether she’s still measuring ahead. Will she be a big baby or an average-sized baby? Is she healthy and strong? Where is she positioned in my uterus? Is she head down or head up? Is her back to my stomach (good) or her back to my back (not-so-good?)

So many questions. That’s one way to sum up my thoughts on pregnancy so far. So many questions.

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