Lyon in December: Christmas markets, Fête des Lumières and vin chaud

I LOVE Christmas. Over the past few weeks Lyon has transformed into a giant, sparkly, Christmassy city. I’m falling in love with France all over again. Homesickness has vanished off the face of this earth, probably because I am self-medicating with vin chaud and Nutella crepes.

It’s cold and it rains often, but I am happy. December in Lyon is busy and vibrant, with plenty of free events drawing people out of their warm apartments and out into the dark night. Continue reading

Living in Lyon

Today I want to tell you about my life in Lyon. All my other posts have been about exciting weekend getaways, exploring new places and countries. It’s kind of easy to forget that I’m actually living in one of these amazing European cities. Sometimes I have to pinch myself as I walk down the street, because everything here has become so, so familiar. I call this place home. A little corner of France that I really feel like I know. Continue reading